Rules (English)

Playing on our server implies that you have read the rules and that you agree to respect them.






- Racist, offensive, insults, MajsLocks, spam / flood (On chat or on equipment)


- Nickname non compliant (racist, offensive, insults, rude)


- Cracked minecraft accounts, Mcleaks or similar are forbidden


- Double accounts are prohibited without specific authorization


- Hack, Glitch, Cheats, UseBug, Resource Pack like x-ray or similar


- All moderation commands are forbidden


- Tunnels and mines on more than 50 blocks in the normal world


- Griefing Natural Buildings, Claimed Areas, Inhabited Zone (Protected or not)


- Theft of any object that does not belong to you


- TpaKill, TpaHerekill, fake contests, etc ...


- It is forbidden to disconnect in combat mode


- Anti-AFK Machine


- Redstone clocks, Automatic Plants


- Stay AFK, or without movement next to the factories


- It is forbidden to have more than 3 spawners in a single chunk, or actived at the same time


- It is forbidden to have connected spawners in 1 chunk


- It is forbidden to have more than 20 animals or pnj in 1 chunk


- The Founders and Moderators are not Assistants, so it is forbidden to call them for a question about the game!




- Straight line in the mining world unlimited


- Factories on 1 chunk and maximum on 5 floors (Horizontal or vertical)


- It is allowed to PvP only in the mining world


- or in pvp areas





- Distance between constructions or town’s, 100 blocks and 300 blocks from the spawn


- Respect the other players of the server and their zones and dwellings


- All players are obliged to take note of these rules under penalty of a warn or a ban !





3 warns : Temp Ban 1 Day

4 warns : Temp Ban 3 Days

5 warns : Temp Ban 1 Week

6 warns : Permanent Ban


*Any violation of the regulations will be followed by a warning (warn).


*For any deban requests, you must only apply on the forum (section demande de deban).

* An answer will be given to you in 48h.

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